Spring-Summer 2015

The creation of the new DOMANOFF’s collection S/S 15 was inspired by Spanish corrida. Despite the many protests against this bloody performance, a bullfight still has a huge impact on the world culture. This theme attracts attention of artists, musicians and architects. As for fashion design, the costume of the main character of the bullfighting toreador is a true work of art and it took the honored place in the history of fashion. Traje de Luces –“the suit of lights” formed the basis for the DOMANOFF’s spring-summer collection.
The main spirit of the DOMANOFF’s S/S 15 collection is the enthusiasm and the thrill of victory. This is an absolute fusion of strength and fragility, of mixed vivid emotions and cold calculation. Designers address again to their favorite artistic manner: they use complex architectural cut skillfully combined with simple flowing lines. When creating the "suit of lights" DOMANOFF borrowed from classical toreador apparel its main line, but went away from its motley colors replacing them with a black and white monochrome. These two colors are the essence of all colors and emotions. Black unites the entire spectrum and white is used as the basis of any manifestation.
The most recognizable out of the classical matador’s costume elements in the DOMANOFF S/S 15 collection became short-cut jackets and skinny trousers with high waist, like Spanish “chaquetilla” and “taleguilla”. A famous bright scarlet “muleta” is reflected in the soft flowing blouses that remind of the cloth on the toreador’s shoulder. When choosing fabrics designers also heeded Traje de Luces: the basis of the collection is the combination of thick solid textures with soft silk and chiffon. The main accent of the collection is made on the waist line emphasizing the beauty and majesty of the female body.
DOMANOFF’s S/S 15 collection is designed for the women who always know which role in corrida to choose for themselves, and who are able to show their true strength through their fragility.


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