For the strong spirited

The new DOMANOFF collection is dedicated to farewell to the past. The ability to let go and move on - this feature of strong spirited women is depicted in geometrically precise silhouettes. At the same time light wavy elements and decorative details seem to symbolize the divine moment of truth when rigor and inner temperance bring up pure and true femininity.
The light that usually accompanies serious life changes is reflected in the color spectrum of the collection, in the switch from black and gray to golden and silver. In such a way the materials traditional for the brand - wool, leather and silk - gain a new meaning and become perfect clothes for women ready to say goodbye to the past and use the experience for their full growth starting from today.
In the collection DOMANOFF F/W 14-15 there are sheath dresses, coats with belts, wool sweaters.
The collection's colors are black, gray, blue, gray-blue, gold and silver.
All the fabrics used in the collection are natural. Wool, silk and leather


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