The first collection of DOMANOFF was shown on the Ukrainian Fashion Week in 2008. Designers made ​​their debut as a part of the project "New Names" and got the award as the creators of the most commercially successful collection. In their next collections which they annually presented at the major fashion events in Ukraine DOMANOFF always experimented a lot. They often combine things that seem opposite. It concerns the shapes, cuts, textures and styles.

DOMANOFF ‘s clothes brings the spirit of creation. It is designed for people who are willing to experiment a lot but who are still having their own style and never lose this sense of style. Brand’s slogan is: Clothes must have soul. DOMANOFF’s clothes is an attempt to create the most precise sincere and harmonious reflection of the inner world of a human being and the emotional states at various stages of his life. Each thing must have its soul and be full of the meanings and symbols.

The textiles used in collections are delivered from Italy and France. This is a high quality natural and semi natural expensive fabrics. Almost in all the collections we can see a lot of hand made works. In some fashion collections designers use their own author's technique when they weave different kinds of yarns in the translucent cloth. Special attention DOMANOFF pay to the accessories, shoes, handbags and their own jewelry making.



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